Privacy Regulations

Remembering Oak Ridge Digital Archive and Exhibit presents a history of a specialized mental health care centre. As such, it is subject to the privacy regulations pertaining to personal medical records in Ontario and Canada. Materials consulted for  Remembering Oak Ridge fall under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and/or the Personal Health Information Act (PHIPA). In brief, FIPPA provides access to public records while also protecting the privacy of all individuals in Canada, while PHIPA specifically protects an individual's health information.

In accordance with FIPPA and PHIPA, every effort has been made to protect the privacy of individuals whose personal medical records are a part of the history of the Oak Ridge division. Personally identifying information has been removed from both the records displayed and the accompanying text - this includes names, identifying details, and faces. While these regulations do not extend to published information pertaining to acts of criminal behaviour (court records, newspaper reports, etc.), where this information would reveal the identity of a patient it has likewise been suppressed. References that prevent the concealment of a patient's identity (e.g., due to a name being listed in the title of the publication) have been cited sparingly.

Permissible Use of Names

To be respectful of individual choices, the identity of patients who previously authorized the publication of their name, image, and/or likeness are identified on the Remembering Oak Ridge digital archive and exhibit when permission could be obtained from the original publisher. Cases where this was a factor included: autobiographies, self-authored papers, authorized biographies, and authorized interviews.

N.B. Although every effort has been made to follow appropriate legislation while also remaining respectful of individual wishes, any error made is accidental and sincerely regretted.