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Oak Ridge, C and D wards, exterior, 1950-55.jpg
Photograph of the exterior of C- and D-Wards, wing of the 1933 section of the Oak Ridge building.

1990_April_Patient room and wall.jpg
Photograph of art on wall of patient room, ward unknown.

1988_July_07 patient room new desk.jpg
Photograph of patient room showing new style desk, ward unknown.

1990_April_Patient room.jpg
Photograph of patient room filled with personal belongings, ward unknown.

1988_July_Patient room 5.jpg
Photograph of patient room, ward unknown.

1988_July_Patient room 4.jpg
Photograph of patient room, ward unknown.

1976_Sept_Inside good room on D.jpg
Photograph of a patient room on D-Ward. Original slide labeled "Inside Good Room on D."

1976_Sept_Pts points on door Bwd.jpg
Photograph of a chalk listing of a patient's accumulated points on the wall outside the door to their room on B-Ward. As part of the token economy system, points could be exchanged for small privileges by the patients.

1976_Sept_Room on aud.jpg
Photograph of a patient's room on A-Ward.

Ward 05 reopening.jpg
Invitation to the official re-opening of Ward 05 of Oak Ridge following its extensive renovations and remodeling in 1989.
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