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Series of three photographs of the Folger Adams locking system that controlled the locking mechanisms to the individual room doors on each ward.


Series of two photographs of one of the guard towers that stood outside of the fence at Oak Ridge, taken during the demolition of the building. Demolition carried out by EllisDon.

Cake gun 5.jpg
Series of three photographs featuring a gun that was discovered baked inside a cake mailed to a patient at Oak Ridge in the 1960s. The discovery of this weapon led to the adoption of xray scanners for all mail delivery at the institution.

Photograph of a Folger Adam key from Oak Ridge. These heavy, weighted keys were used throughout the building - the sound associated with the locking and unlocking of the gates became ubiquitous in the memory of many who lived or worked at Oak Ridge.


1988_July_Bed restraints with person 2.jpg
Series of two photographs showing demonstration of leather bed strap system.

1988_July_Bed restraints with person 3.jpg
Series of two photographs highlighting a demonstration of a canvas bed restraint system.

Photograph of interior of windows showing newer style of security grilles inside hallway of Oak Ridge

Photograph of interior of window showing older grille style.
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