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Basement boulders B-21.jpg
Photograph of the boulders in the dirt basement running under the 1933 wing of the Oak Ridge building (room B-21).

Ward 05 reopening.jpg
Invitation to the official re-opening of Ward 05 of Oak Ridge following its extensive renovations and remodeling in 1989.

Aluminum wash basin from patient room Oak Ridge 1991.pdf
Image of an aluminum wash basin from patient room in Oak Ridge. Photograph originally taken by History Committee in 1991.

Aerial photograph of the Oak Ridge site.

Aerial photograph showing both the Oak Ridge building and the neighbouring Central North Correctional Centre.

Aerial photograph of the grounds of the Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene. The neighbouring Central North Correctional Centre is also visible.

1987_Nov_Yard in winter through bars.jpg
Photograph taken inside Oak Ridge looking out through barred window onto the yard.

Photograph of interior of windows showing newer style of security grilles inside hallway of Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge, C and D wards, exterior, 1950-55.jpg
Photograph of the exterior of C- and D-Wards, wing of the 1933 section of the Oak Ridge building.

Oak Ridge, front door and façade, exterior, 1950-55.jpg
Photograph of the front door and exterior façade of the Criminal Insane-Oak Ridge building.
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