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1978_Sept_Cleaning gang_edited.jpg
Photograph shows three patients cleaning the windows inside a hallway in the Oak Ridge building in September of 1978. Original slide marked with title "Cleaning gang." As part of occupational therapy, patients were assigned jobs to complete…

Community Activity Schedules for G-Ward for the periods of May 22-29, 1966 and October 24-31, 1966 with explanatory text.

Photograph of the Administration Building from Toanche, Level 6. Shows above ground tunnel that once connected the two buildings (Atrium Building now stands where tunnel was)

Oak Ridge aerial_pre 1950s.jpg
A close-up of an aerial photograph taken of the grounds of the Ontario Hospital, Penetanguishene between 1933 and 1956 showing the Criminal Insane building prior to the addition of two additional wings made in 1957.

OR aerial, 1960s, ID4145.jpg
Aerial photograph of Oak Ridge building taken in the 1960s

Aerial photograph of the grounds of the Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene. The neighbouring Central North Correctional Centre is also visible.

Aerial of the Oak Ridge building, used for cover of the Total Encounters book by Robert Nielsen in 2000, 2006

Penetang aerial_pre1950s.jpg
Aerial photograph taken of the Penetanguishene hospital site between the construction of the first two wings of Oak Ridge but before the second two wings were built in 1957

Aerial photograph of the Oak Ridge site.

Aerial photograph showing the Oak Ridge building
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