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Video of news segment featuring an Oak Ridge patient which aired as part of the CBC program "This Hour Has Seven Days" on March 21, 1965.

1933_Nov 9.pdf
Letter from the Director of Hospital Services to D. O. Lynch, Superintendent in Penetanguishene, dated November 9, 1933. Concerns transfers between Penetanguishene and Kingston.

01 Development of Forensic Psychiatry at Oak Ridges, Penetang.mp3
Oral presentation about the history of Oak Ridge given by Dr. Barry Boyd to the Group for the History of Canadian Psychiatry (Toronto, ON) on April 14, 1978

boysplot - 1.jpg
Series of three photographs of the stone marker for deceased residents of the Boys Reformatory located in Saint James on-the-Lines Anglican Cemetery in Penetanguishene. Plaque reads: "Boys' Plot Maintained by the Province of Ontario"

1933_Feb 17.pdf
Letter from J. J. Hunter, Superintendent of the Guelph Reformatory, to D. O. Lynch, Superintendent of the Ontario Hospital, Penetanguishene, dated February 17, 1933. Letter concerns details for the patient transfer from Guelph to Penetanguishene,…

1956_Report of Inspection.pdf
Written report of inspection of the Ontario Hospital, Penetenaguishene carried out by F. W. Snedden, M.D., Inspector, Ontario Hospitals on November 21st and 22nd, 1956.

Boynton letter Reformatory.jpg
Handwritten letter from J. Boynton addressed to superintendent T. McCrossan in 1879. Boynton asks McCrossan to authorize his release from the Reformatory.

Photographs of the commemorative stone entrance gates to the patient cemetery that were erected in 1994 for the centennial of the Hospital. English text reads: "In Memoriam. From 1904 to 1970, this cemetery was the burial place for many of the…

Photographs of the commemmorative marker inside the patient cemetery erected in2004 for the centennial of the Hospital. Marker reads: "Asylum Point Cemetery. To each human life is hope and sanctity. B. Harle. Backroads of the Mind. 1997." Along the…

Series of two photographs of the white cottages that staff once lived in on the grounds of the Mental Health Centre taken in 2005.
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