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Remembering Oak Ridge


The Medical Superintendent

The tradition of mental health facilities throughout the ninteenth century and into the mid-twentieth century was for a hierarchical administrative structure headed by a Medical Superintendent. In this role, the physician or psychiatrist answered only to the provincial government and therefore had a great range of freedom in terms of the direction of the institution.

In Penetanguishene, the Superintendent was shared between the two divisions. This position existed until 1974 when responsibility was split between a non-medical Administrator and a Psychiatrist-in-Chief.


Below is listed the names of all the physicians who held the role of Superintendent in Penetanguishene from the time the institution was opened as a mental health facility in 1904 until the discontinuation of the position in 1974. 

All those following Dr. D. O. Lynch - whose name is indicated with a star - held administrative authoritiy over both divisions of the hospital. The photographs of the men who formed this latter group are shown on this page.  

Dr. Philip H. Spohn 1904-1907
Dr. George A. MacCallum 1908-1910
Dr. W. T. Wilson 1911-1923
Dr. W. K. Ross 1923-1930
Dr. George C. Kidd 1930-1932
Dr. Daniel O'Gorman Lynch* 1932-1934
Dr. Claude Andrew McClenahan 1934-1945
Dr. C. S. Tennant 1945-1948
Dr. William A. Cardwell 1948-1960
Dr. Barry A. Boyd



Splitting the Responsibility

Beginning in 1974, the admininistration of the hospital was shared between a non-medical Administrator and a Psychiatrist-in-Chief.

Administrator to President and CEO

Ladislas A. Moricz 1974-1978
L. Wayne McKerrow 1978-1986
George J. Kytayko 1986-2005
Sharon Zwicker 2005-2008
Carol Lambie 2008-       

In the final years of Oak Ridge, the position was again transformed becoming the President and CEO of the hospital. The first individual to occupy this position was Carol Lambie.


Dr. Barry A. Boyd 1974-1978
Dr. Ronald E. Stokes 1978-1986
Dr. Malcolm MacCulloch 1987-1988
Dr. Gavin Tennent 1988-1989
Dr. Russel Fleming 1989-2012

Dr. James Karagianis


Dr. Jeff Van Impe



By Jennifer L. Bazar

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